Fresh start, January 2015

To be published in 2015

  • Helen books #3 and #4
  • Secret Project books #1 and #2
  • Possibly a Helen novella

Primary WIP(s) for the month

  • Polish final draft of A Draw of Death (Helen Binney #3)
  • Expand outline for A Dozer of Death (Helen #4)

Status of other WIP(s)

  • A Dozer of Death (Helen Binney #4), partly outlined
  • A Four-Patch of Trouble (quilt appraiser sleuth), complete
  • Tree of Life and Death (quilt appraiser novel #2), first draft done
  • Robbing Peter to Kill Paul (quilt appraiser novel #3), outlined
  • A Stinkin’ Plot (mystery set on garlic farm), complete
  • Rhubarb Pie Before You Die (garlic farm #2), cogitating
  • Fatal Forfeit (legal thriller), 50+ pages of first draft; on hold
  • One Cat For The Road (Crazy Cat Lady series, post-apocalyptic setting), done
  • Two Cats Are Better Than One (Crazy Cat Lady series), third draft done
  • Three’s A Clowder (Crazy Cat Lady series), cogitating
  • Four Cat Night (Cat Lady series), cogitating
  • Arresting Amelia (vague idea for mystery set at general aviation airport)
  • Victoria and the Vapors (homage to Sherlock Holmes), brainstorming